Monday, 7 April 2014

Midnight, Gogs And Bunnies

Morris men and women
were out in force in Thriplow at the weekend.

Baldock Midnight Morris
formed when the town of Baldock was unable to find a Morris side to
dance at its historic Street Fair.
"Right then, we'll do it ourselves!"
Like many before and since they found that it's harder than it looks,
but since then things have snowballed and here they are dancing out
in Thriplow.

Gog Magog Molly Dancers
all have
a connection with the University in Cambridge,
as a result their dances are sophisticated, refined and intellectual.

Yeah, right!

Bunnies From Hell
 do these people come from?"
you may wonder.
And what kind of jobs do they have
when they're not dancing?

just for me,
the wonderful sound of 

just for you,
here's a video of the goings on...
and you'll see that one of the bunnies has a nice fluffy pink tail!

Take care.


  1. Great fun, John. Your sky looked like ours has been looking.

  2. Lots of smiles, lots of fun, and super striped stockings.

  3. Fascinating stuff! I enjoyed the video.

  4. Great colorful costumes and dancing! Enjoyed the video especially -- barbara

  5. What fun! Everyone looked so happy and so colourful! Love the images and I especially enjoyed the video! Good to see the children enthralled with the music and dancing and the toddler with her Mum looks a potential future Morris Dancer!

    A great post, thanks John!

  6. So much fun is going on! Music is nice, colors are popping up, and dancers with unique costumes are spicing up the streets. Thank you for this post including the video.


  7. Just love their colourful costumes. They really show that there was no need to go out of town to find dancers.

  8. I hope that they all got to go the pub for refreshment. Great video. Thank you.

  9. What a treat! I haven't seen any of this fun in many years. I'm sure it IS much harder to do than it looks.

  10. It's such a brilliantly mad and colourful spectacle- I love Morris dancers.

  11. That looks like so much fun. I really want to get across the pond to see this for myself again some day.


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