Wednesday, 16 April 2014

In Christ's Garden

....the garden and courtyards of Christ's College in Cambridge that is.

Despite being more centrally placed in Cambridge than any other college Christ's is something of a secret, seldom overrun with tourists and hardly known to most residents of the city. 

Some of the buildings are old, dating back to the founding of the college, originally called God's House, in the fifteenth century. Others are more recent having been added as the college expanded but all seem to be "off the radar" to the guidebooks.

But it's the flowers which took my eye on this glorious spring afternoon.

And you can wander through at your leisure. Everything seems to be open to visitors including the Master's Garden which is very unusual for the Cambridge colleges.

The light was very bright and clear which made some photos difficult but allowed other opportunities which, I hope, I was able to utilise to good effect.

But there are flowers in the courts too

Just when you think you've got the measure of the place - pleasant, well-proportioned courtyards with fine floral displays - you round a corner to be confronted by....

Sir Denys Lansdun's controversial, concrete construction - New Court, otherwise known as "The Typewriter". Love it or hate it, but I think I may not round that particular corner next time I go for a wander in the gardens of Christ's College.

Take care.


  1. John, the flowers of Christ's College are lovely, especially at the outset of your spring season. I won't comment on the last bit of architecture so that your later viewers don't think I am a curmudgeonly old man who cannot appreciate modernity.

  2. Going around that corner was like jumping a few centuries, tripping up and falling flat on your face.
    Lovely 'secret' garden and oh the fritillaries!

  3. "I AM a curmudgeonly old man who cannot appreciate modernity!" Jack. I heard fingernails being drug across an old-fashioned blackboard. The structure is totally out of context.

  4. Now I wouldn't have picked you as a flower man. A beautiful walk through the garden, thanks

  5. Lovely gardens, and your usual fine eye for photography. I think 'The Typewriter' is a blot on the landscape. [Sigh.] The world apparently moves on even in such venerable haunts.

  6. Lovely wisteria and I really like the rich maroon tulips. Checkered fritillaria always makes me smile because they look like a crazy creation of some artsy, crafty person. The airy coral bells contrast nicely with the iris. The new building - a prison comes to mind. Why is it that modern architect often make such ugly buildings? Gardens are always pleasant.

  7. Oh yes after the wisteria covered walls of Christ's college the 'typewriter' would really jar the senses. Enjoyed this floral trip, merci beaucoup John.

  8. What an absolutely wonderful garden! I must try and get to Cambridge this summer and go and see it for myself. I shall do my best to avoid the typewriter though!


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