Friday, 29 November 2013

Breakfast With Celia

Time to baffle Meldreth's station master, David, again this morning by buying a ticket for another destination that he doesn't get asked for every day; Wymondham this time. Though as David probably knows there's much to see in that little Norfolk town.

The train departs Wymondham station
Now the first thing to get straight is that it's not pronounced Why-mund-ham at all but Wind 'em, with "wind" as in the blowy stuff and " 'em" as "them" is rendered in some parts. So it's "Wind'em", got it? 

A neat little station - with a faulty clock!

Many of Britain's rural stations are falling into disrepair as they become un-manned stations where you buy your ticket from a machine. Then the buildings become disused and boarded up. It's a great shame because many are of some architectural merit. But Wymonham station has fared rather better than some and often wins awards for the best-kept small station. It has also been used in the TV comedy "Dad's Army" as Walmington-On-Sea station.

Buckets of flowers

The main station buildings are now in use as the "Station Bistro" and I could do with a cup of tea after my journey so...

G E R - Great Eastern Railway
L N E R - London and North Eastern Railway

Inside it's like stepping back into the 1940s, the walls covered with old photos and the seats are all from old railway coaches. A nice open fire too, very cosy.

Railway seats - and even a luggage rack up above

The Bistro takes as its theme the 1945 film Brief Encounter and one of the stars, Celia Johnson, looks down on you while you wait for the waitress to take your order.

The lady and the train

Everyone else in the establishment seemed to be eating breakfast....

Breakfast for two

Although I have no intention to turn "By Stargoose And Hanglands" into a restaurant guide the smell of freshly cooked bacon was too much to resist, especially as the pot of tea came free with the meal. I'd walk it off, I told myself.

Breakfast for one

Now we really must be off to see what Wymondham has to offer. There's a bit of a clue on the door on the way out.

First Class!

Take care.


  1. Now that was a proper breakfast. Looking forward to the rest of the tour.

  2. It is too bad that many of your small town rail stations are in disrepair. Here in the U.S. many have been closed to passenger service, even torn down. Some towns have saved them and keep them in good shape as part of their heritage. -- barbara

  3. English language it's a bit quizzical at times isn't it? Sea, and see, why? Butt, and but?? As to Whymundham it's hardly logical at all. Why not make it Windem? Why is it wind, as the wind blows, instead of wind as in wind the clock then? Sorry, I got caught up in all that it's hard to stop! It's nice to see someone tries with a touch of colour and flowers at the station, and the station bistro would be very welcoming in the colder weather with the fire flowing. That was a very hearty breakfast John. Cheers.

  4. I have been watching "Dad's Army" and Michael Portillo's "Great British Railway Journey" lately, so thank you for this post!

  5. I needed to search for it on a map--northeast of Cambridge. I'm learning a bit of English geography. We were so impressed with the trains in the UK---we took the train from Cambridge to London a few times.
    Nothing like that in the US, especially in the deep south. There are still some to major cities.
    Some of the old train stations in the US have become museums and restaurants, too.
    My younger son was so enchanted with trains that we studied and chased them for awhile while he was a boy.

  6. It is a wonder that anyone learning English can make themselves understood isn't it? Thank you for taking us to this station. Here the smaller stations are much less attractive - and you almost certainly couldn't get anything to eat or drink - much less sit in comfort.

  7. What a lovely old station, I'm pleased it is being so well looked after and what a bonus that you can get a great breakfast there too!

  8. A wonderful way to start your day-out to Wind-em .... I'm sure you enjoyed your day John and hopefully you'll share a few of your pics.

    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  9. Looks like the beginning of a wonderful journey. Looking forward to seeing what you see in Wymondham, how ever you say it!

  10. Breakfast looks delicious! It's good to hear that at least one of the stations is being maintained for future generations to see.

  11. Looks like you were well fueled for the journey! Pretty little station, and a nice way to start your day.

  12. What interesting places you share in your rambles. I should hate to be asking directions in an English town--words don't sound as they look.


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