Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Wrap Artists

As I was walking along Trumpington Street in Cambridge the other day I glanced across the road to look at the lion statues which adorn the front of the Fitzwilliam Museum. They usually look like this:

Fine noble beasts as you can see. But today something was different:

What on earth was going on?
Luckily there was someone there to ask. He was, he explained, from the Oxfam shop in Mill Road which is a rather more wacky and artistic establishment than the usual racks of unstylish clothes and unwanted knick-knacks found in other charity shops. It was already starting to make some sort of sense. He handed me a leaflet "Oxfam Unwrapped" which explained about giving presents in the form of gifts to help the needy in developing countries - repair a school, dig a well, but a goat, that sort of thing. This exercise was to gain some publicity to the cause. To prove it the Mayor and assorted press people duly arrived. Quite how wrapping up a lion symbolises Oxfam Unwrapped I can't explain. I just love the way the second lion appears to have decided to ignore the whole absurd nonsense!

One more picture taken close by, but nothing to do with any of the foregoing:

Take care.


  1. Perhaps out of context, but a delightful photograph still. I'd have to stop in that antiques shop if I were there. Jim

  2. That bottom photo is delightful John. I once bought the farmer a 'goat for Christmas' donation but then we read somewhere that maybe it was not such a good idea - but I can't remember why. As for Oxfam - I think it is a splendid organisation and at Christmas, when we have so much, a wonderful place to make a donation of some kind.

  3. A nice way of advertising a good cause. Though I always think I should ask people to buy me an 'Oxfam Unwrapped' chicken or two, rather than impose my values on other people. Some people might really prefer more bubble bath!

  4. Well, it made you ask and find out about Oxford Unwrapped. If it stops others then it's doing its job.

  5. Interesting bit of promotion John - If I were the other lion I would feel quite left out! Love that little antique/bric-a-brac shop.


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