Saturday, 12 November 2011


November morn as I looked out at the same old dreary skies
Through the same old dirty window pane and the same old bleary eyes
There was silver frost on every rooftop, gold on every tree
My old friend the autumn time he's coming home to me

Winter he's a miserly chap who seldom sings a song
And the Spring is just a youthful tune that will not last for long
The Summer he's a showman - slick and brightly dressed
But the Autumn sings the old time songs that I admire the best

So here comes Autumn
Raggedy and brown
With his boots all cracked and broken down
'Cause he's been tramping twelve month round
Now he's come to call again.

Take care.


  1. Your photo treatments are terrific. Then I cut and lifted some of the text and googled it to see who had written it - your blog was the only site that came up. Great stuff!

    Have you had anyone put any of your work to music?

  2. A mellow, thoughtful, homey time of year, n'est-ce pas? I particularly like your first picture of leaves.

  3. Nice poem and some interesting photos - but I like the one with the leaves that look as though they are caught in a whirlpool best.

  4. Did you write this poem John? "boots all cracked and broken down" so well written - and "Spring a youthful tune that will not last for long" - oh! so true. Enjoyed your pics.

  5. It is a lovely poem and an outstanding series of photos for autumn. A marvelous post today.

  6. Love this post. Brilliant images and accompanying words.

  7. Here I am for my weekly fix.
    The words have been beautifully illstrated by your gorgeous computer art.
    The pionant grave many lost their lives in the final months.

    Wonderful rain shots ...I visited that market way back in my Folk Festival days brought back memories. xx

  8. Amazing photos and poem, John--and I know you wrote it. Thank you so much for this different look at the season.

    I've selected your blog for a Liebster award. Check my post tomorrow :)

  9. Astounding photos, profound poem! Once again, John, you have left me speechless with you breathtaking words and photos!.

  10. Beautiful. Autumn is truly lovely here in Maryland this year. The rains we had in September have the colors bursting on the trees. I really enjoyed this John. Thank you.

  11. Thanks for your kind words.
    The photos: not all of them are as difficult to achieve as you might think - see next post! But some are lengthy trial-and-error rambles into all the effects available!
    The words: I originally thought of including parts of Robin Williamson's 'October Song' but, hey, it's November. Then I remembered writing a song back in 1973, when I was a student in London, I found I'd forgotten most of it but two verses remained - and the chorus - it seemed to fit.

  12. How poetic – leafdancing! I'd like to dance as one of leaves, as a part of nature, in the praise of autumn. Each and every season has its own charm and beauty, however, I’m most attracted by autumn. At first I’m happy with the liberation from our miserable summer, but as autumn deepens, it makes me retrospective as written in the poem, “But the Autumn sings the old time songs that I admire the best.” I love the poem and the photo of the whirling leaves.


  13. Love everything about this post - the title, the verses and the photos - great stuff.

  14. These are great. Very creative work John :^)


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