Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Glittering Prizes!

Apparently this blog has been selected by Granny Sue at
for something called a "Liebster Award".
 The "Liebster Blog" award is given to up-and-coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
"Liebster", she informs me, is a German word meaning
It's a long while since such a word was used in conjunction with the grizzled individual that I've become, but I was always taught to accept graciously and give generously so

"Thank you, Granny Sue"

or as I think of her Cousin Sue, for she is indeed my cousin.
 I should make it clear though,
before we are accused under the Old Pals Act,
 that my cousin and I have never met except through our respective blogs.
Something always got between us -
The Atlantic Ocean!

Granny Sue lives in West Virginia and is a storyteller and poet. If, like me, you'll probably never visit her home among the mountains then visit her blog for what is surely the next best thing.

There are strict and important rules, I'm told, which go with such prestigious awards:

1. Thank the giver and link back to her/him.
2. Reveal your top picks and leave a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love too!

 Which leaves No 2 unanswered. So here's the giving generously part:

Quite possibly the most beautiful place to touch down in the whole Blogosphere.
 I'll let the writer introduce herself:

"I’m a Japanese, non-native speaker of English, who was born and raised in Kobe, a cosmopolitan port city, and now live in Nara, the cradle of Japanese culture. I'm happy to share things and places I love with you and exchange ideas and thoughts."
Yoko alias stardust. 

"I am a retired scientist, educator, and administrator. I'm of Scots-Irish and English descent and have deep roots (8 generations) in Appalachia, primarily eastern Kentucky and southern West Virginia. My professional interests and training are in ecology and environmental quality; my post-professional interests are sufficiently numerous and varied to assure I will never be bored. Jim"

 Posts about his home area. Written with skill, knowledge and sincerity and illustrated with fine photographs.

Great photography and plenty of historical background of her Yorkshire home by a lady calling herself "jenny freckles".
Also one of the most faithful followers of my blog -
but I'd recommend a visit to Salt And Light even if she wasn't!

If you visit, and you really should, you'll be welcomed with the following words:

"Thought I'd create a new venue for my photography and have some fun with it! I'm pulling a wide selection of images from my files and displaying them on my blog, including contemporary Charleston photography, shots from various travels, color abstracts, plus anything else interesting. Hope you enjoy....."
As finer photographs as you'll find anywhere.
And last but by no means least

Written by Pam. I just admire her love and enthusiasm for all our feathered friends be they rare and exotic or the everyday species around her home.
"My interest in birds and nature stemmed initially after seeing a Nuthatch while on a short break at Center Parcs in Nottingham several years ago. I am a keen bird/nature watcher and also enjoy all other aspects of the natural world around us. I am learning more as each season comes and goes."

But really I could have chosen any of the list on the right-hand sidebar of this blog; I love 'em all.

Take care.


  1. John, you are too kind. Thanks for the heads up on my blog, but you know I would have found your kind comments quickly anyway, since I read and enjoy your blog regularly. I also follow "jenny freckles" but I'm on my way to checking out the others you mentioned. Jim

  2. I am amazed, surprised and very happy to have been included in such great company in your list John!
    Thank you very much.

    I am playing catch up after my holiday with blogs but I really must comment about your recent 'Leafdancing' post.....just one word...brilliant!

  3. Thank you John, how kind. I've been without internet access for several days - eek! Now restored, but it may take me a while to catch up...I'll have a look at the other blogs on your list. Wayfarin' Stranger is another beloved to me. It always did strike me that you and he could have a lot in common.

  4. Interesting list! I'm off to visit :)


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