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Here are some of the videos which I've included from time to time in "By Stargoose And Hanglands":

On the streets of Cambridge you'll often encounter all kinds of buskers. Here's PerKelt from the Czech Republic with an astonishing instrumental:

Traditional English Morris dancing from the Thaxted Morris Men, dancing at Widdington:

And the Cambridge Morris Men outside the same pub:

In East Anglia they used to do what they called Molly Dancing. The men blacked up their faces and at least one of their number would dress in women's clothing. Here are The Old Glory Molly Dancers dancing "The Buck", which takes its name from the pub in Rumborough, Suffolk, where they meet:

Or for a more colourful take on the same tradition, here are the Gog Magog Molly dancers:

And Tyler's Men, not taking themselves too seriously:

And here's a Maypole dance from Ickwell

And next a video showing the full variety of Daffodil Day, held every spring at Thriplow:

And the Devil's Dyke Morris Men at the same venue:

A different kind of dancing: traditional step dancing as seen at the EATMT's day of traditional music at Stowmarket in Suffolk....

A traditional folk song from Hannah Sanders at the Ely Folk Festival....

Orlaith McAuliffe, Brogan McAuliffe and Darren Breslin, young Irish musicians, at the EATMT Music Day at Stowmarket....

In Grantchester, near Cambridge, they have a race rolling beer barrels along the village road. It happens every year on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. What a way to work off that Christmas pud.

From the ridiculous to the sublime: the Cambridge festival of lights, known as e-Luminate...

The Bedfordshire Steam And Country Fayre at Old Warden near Biggleswade...

Here's what the intellectual students from Cambridge University get up to on the River Cam, the craziest boat race you're ever likely to see...

That's enough for now. I intend that more will appear on the blog from time to time.

Take care.

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