Sunday, 18 January 2015

Details And Doorways

A few little details collected 
in Saffron Walden 

strong sunlight
caused difficult but interesting
lighting and shadows

an old sign
  Established 1836"

decorative plasterwork,
known as pargetting,
is a feature of many old buildings

buildings of all ages and styles
   are present in the town...

...all sitting cheek by jowl
in the main street,
reminders of a long and fascinating history

the grand and ornate...

....and shall we be kind -
shabby chic ?

Antique shops
feature strongly...

...but many other businesses
have grand premises.

the locals in the park
show interest
in this strange man with the camera!

Take care


  1. Fabulous shots. The first one is a particular cracker. Love pargetting; I don't think it's found much outside Essex?

  2. they are very interesting photos and I love your British homes

  3. It is really wonderful that so many English towns, within a couple hours drive of London, have managed to preserve their old buildings. I think it is part of our modern thinking that we are independent entities, and that all that matters is living in the "now" . Having history visible, reminds us that we are part of the continuum of humanity - the past and future are important, too. Great shots, as usual . I like all the shapes and shadows in pic. 1.

  4. I do like that weathered old door. I wondered if that was the original paint and lettering still standing strong on that sign since 1836.

  5. Love all your building photographs!

  6. Details & doorways are always my favorites!

  7. what an eclectic mix of styles in one village John favourite is the "very shabby chic" with buckets at the ready

  8. You are so great at spotting the weird and the wonderful. Love the bright and seemingly arbitrary colours too.

  9. Shabby chic -- I am a fan of it -- so of course my favorite. Second is the first photo -- you have created such a soft feeling with sunlight and color. The pargetting and old sign are tied for third place. The others are wonderful too -- really, they are all wonderful! -- barbara

  10. Don't you wish buildings could talk? A great collection of details and doors in this picturesque town. I like 'shabby chic'.

  11. Love the doorways--lke you, they fascinate me with their shapes, sizes, and the stories that passed through them. That red wall and black door, I like that one a lot.

  12. ?beautiful doorways here John. Many years ago I remember my first husband having a book called 'Doorways' which had a hundred photographs in it. Ever thought of something like that for your photos

  13. A delightful series of captures John. I really like the strong contrasting colours in that first shot, but they are all fascinating!

  14. I like the pink one and the yellow one. Nice!

  15. Love these doorways and signs. A wonderful place for a sunshiny stroll.

  16. Wonderful images with great details.
    What a nice posting.

    Gunn from Stavanger/ Norway.

  17. Lovely doors.Pink wall is wonderful and the first photo is great.

  18. Wow. It is such a nice place. I want to see it for myself. The third photo of the red and black building is the one that caught my eye.

  19. I love your "few little details". 3 & 7 are my favorites.


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