Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cambridge Folk Museum

The Cambridge Folk Museum, (now known as the Museum of Cambridge) housed in what was once The White Horse pub, sets out to present the life of Cambridge through the centuries. I ducked inside on an afternoon of torrential rain (which is why there's no scene-setting shot of the exterior) and was so enthralled that when I emerged I was surprised to see that it was quite dark!

The lady on the door told me that nothing had been done to the building since the pub closed, then added hastily that it was structurally sound, a fact which pleased me since the rooms extend over three floors. Actually it has been changed over the years as fascinating exhibits have piled up and space has had to be made for them. Lets take a quick tour:

Behind the bar

In the bar

Everyday items

The kitchen

Upstairs - the big chair used to belong to the mayor.

Farming and fenland life

Child's perambulator

And on the top floor - the playroom
full of wonderful toys 
like this...

Take care.


  1. Neat place. Looks like it could have been right here in the States.

  2. I love to explore such places, even vicariously.
    Thank You!

  3. Morning John! I bet 'the lady on the door' was pleased to have someone to talk too; before then she probably thought she could close up shop anytime soon. You probably found some quite interesting wares there. Have a nice Sunday.

  4. It’s a pleasant surprise that you resumed blogging, John. Excuse me for not having noticed it long time and for not having visited you sooner in response to your latest comment on my post.

    Folk Museum is a window to the past. I reflected on a different era of the different culture. People did not simply turn a dial or flick a switch to do housework but worked hard and struggled while trying to maintain courtesies and a grace that might have eluded us currently. Maybe I tend to romanticize the lifestyles and artifacts that have gone before us, although I enjoy modern life style.

    In the previous post, I was interested in what captured your attention and photographic interest. I scrolled down and enjoyed the photos of “Window Wonderland” immensely.


  5. I can easily appreciate your having lost track of time while exploring this fascinating pub of yesteryear. Thanks for sharing these glimpses of the past (and for taking time to comment on my post). I agree - it's good to see you back blogging again!

  6. The small museums are always full of surprises!
    Loved how you wrote your profile.
    But there's no such thing as "too old" to learn something. :)

  7. Very glad you've -restarted your S&H blog, I've enjoyed it a lot. Similar interests over here in Gloucestershire I guess.
    I can't see what it is, but the object on the floor in the farming room reminds me of a man-trap that used to be in the (now defunct) museum at Northleach. The thing about it was, it was fully complete and accessible, so anyone with the knowledge, or a bit of ingenuity, could have set it. The possible consequences don't bear thinking about! I mentioned it at the desk on my way out, and next time i visited there was a cable tie around the jaws!
    All the best, Tom

  8. I love this sort of museum! It has the flavour of what life was like way back when - so different from what life is today.

  9. Marvelous collections -- also the interior rooms replete with wood trim and fireplaces was quite handsome. Of course your photos displayed all very well. -- barbara

  10. For many years I collected stoneware and antique kitchen items. I still have a weakness for it, but realized I was tired of dusting it all.

  11. Thank you all for your comments. If you're ever in Cambridge the "lady on the door" would be pleased to see you!

  12. Love that trio of golden leaves floating in the blue reflections of the water... glad you're back John...

  13. Now I'm wondering if there's that specific smell lingering in the rooms, do you know what I mean? A mixture between home and museum... Wonderful place, love the everyday items!

  14. Thanks for the tour John, an impressive museum.

  15. Such an interesting old pub. A wonderful place to come in out of the rain.


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