Saturday, 10 December 2011

Winter Thoughts

                                                                                                                                                  The mural celebrates the cultural diversity of our cities.
But we pass each other without
a word,
a smile,
a nod of recognition.

                                                                                                                                                In the bike rack
by the council offices
stands a bike,
its basket decorated with flowers,
bringing a smile on a chilly day.
Why not?

Take care.


  1. John, we get the same distance between people in our cities, but here in rural America it's just the opposite. People greet one another, whether they know each other or not, and driving down the road one is expected to "throw up," that is, wave to people in the oncoming vehicles. I like it a lot better than the city. :-) Jim

  2. A lot of food for thought there, John. Love that basket. I do try to smile at people when I am out and about but the smile is not always returned. I also try to say thankyou when anyone does me a little service - steps off the pavement, holds a door open etc. \it certainly makes me feel better.

  3. Excellent question as to why we pass each other without a word or a smile. I will try to smile and say a kind hello more often as I'm sure we will all feel better for it. :)

    I love that top photo as it truly illustrates the point you made.

  4. I used to think that saying hello or not as people passed was regional. People in the USA's northeast, are said to be reserved and cold, and people in the south and midwest are said to be friendly and welcoming. But, I have lived in all of those places now, and find that it is pretty random when people look at strangers and say hello, and when they don't. It is probably family upbringing that determines it. I nearly always look at people and say hello.

  5. Your photo and prose ask a poignant question John. Very well observed. But I like the person who's bike you show... cheery optimism wins out the day :^)

  6. I find that when the sun is shining people are more inclined to smile and say hello! I suppose sometimes our moods are governed by the weather...if that makes sense! Anyway, food for thought with your question John!
    The flower basket bike is a treat to see, a sunshine feeling everyday for the owner no doubt!

  7. I think that the fewer people that are around the more apt people are to greet one another... seems to be the case with me...

  8. While out walking on the Cambridgeshire fens - dead flat, see for miles - a man was approaching from the opposite direction, I could see him for half an hour or so before we passed each other. Just as we got to speaking distance he dropped his head and pretended not to see me! I spoke anyway; he ignored anyway!


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