Saturday, 13 August 2011

Oh, We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

During the last week my brother and I have been giving Mum a bit of a holiday, taking her out for days to various places which she enjoys; the Bressingham trip was part of this. We also visited my aunt and uncle for tea and biscuits, went out for Sunday lunch, took a stroll by Grafham Water and visited Mum's brother in London - no signs of rioting, looting or vandalism any where we drove through by the way (just in case people think the whole city is ablaze!). So yesterday, in spite of uninspiring weather forecasts, we went off to the Great British seaside, namely Cromer on the North Norfolk coast.

Cromer Pier

Cromer, like most seaside resorts in Britain grew up during Victorian times when the railways suddenly made the coast accessible to the inland population. It still has its pier - so many coastal towns have allowed their piers to fall, first into disrepair, then into the sea! At the far end of the pier is the lifeboat station, then comes The Pavilion Theatre which still hosts the usual kind of Seaside variety shows. The posters promised not only the "Bon Jovi Experience" (a tribute band, of course) but also The Searchers. The poster showed a picture of the aging rockers - I could recognise and name two of the 60's line-up (John McNally and Frank Allen) - how sad is that? There was also a restaurant on the pier serving first-class fish 'n' chips.

The next Open Champion?

You have to have putting greens and gardens at the seaside and Cromer has both. It also retains some of the nooks and crannies which always make fishing ports so delightful to explore.

Some small fishing boats still operate out of Cromer, but seem to have seen better days.


But for children Cromer is all about ice cream, buckets and spades, sandcastles and paddling in the waves.

There's also a very fine church with interesting glass in the windows.

They've also solved the problem of uncared-for graves by sowing flowers over the lot.

And, of course I couldn't resist a photographic moment or two among the brightly painted beach huts.

Take care.


  1. My daughter got a kick out of seeing the kids in the water with jackets on!!! My youngest says, "I couldn't do it...I'd have to swim!" They went to the ocean for the first time last summer and loved it! We couldn't get them out for anything except...hotdogs on the boardwalk! I love that you took Aunt Flo out this past week, she looks so good and very happy to be about with her "boys"! Take care John. I so love reading about your travels!

  2. We were there earlier in the year - I love that coast. But of course those flowers were not out in the churchyard. What a splendid idea it is and how fantastic they look.

  3. What a lovely holiday. The photos are wonderful.

  4. What lovely photos - you've really captured the essence of the place. The graveyard looks delightful with all those flowers too - such a good idea.

  5. I want to be buried in a place like that--how peaceful. The water looks inviting too. I bet you all had a great time in such a pretty place.

  6. Lizzie: The sea is called The NORTH Sea which should give you a clue as to why there are so few swimmers - it's C-C-C-Cold!
    Weaver: I grew up visiting that coast but then rediscovered it a few years ago when I got interested in birdwatching.
    Jo: Thanks for complementing the photos. Yes, we had a nice week.
    jennyfreckles: I've never seen a graveyard like that either, certainly a wonderful idea.
    Sue: Lets not think about being buried just yet! Both graveyard and sea may look inviting but I'm telling you they're both colder than they look.
    Thanks everyone for commenting, John.


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