Monday, 18 July 2011

Windows 7

I seem to have a lot of pictures of windows..... 

....a fisherman's window in Norfolk....

...maybe the window that started it all,
one that my uncle, visiting from the USA,
was impressed by...

....and an almost hidden treasure...

... a more functional aperture....

....a cottage window....

....a radical approach -
a window AND a door!

This last one isn't a window at all;
just a very cleverly painted piece of plywood
placed over a window in a disused building.

Take care.


  1. Isn't it funny how certain things catch our eye? I've never given much thought to windows, probably because I used to wash windows for a living, but these are intriguing. I love the handiwork that went into that one window, and who doesn't love the color purple? Neat post, John.

  2. I like it when bricked up windows are painted with a window scene! There's one in my local town, in an art gallery which is bricked up but painted to match the other windows and features a cat and a jar of brushes on the windowsill. At first glance it looks like the real thing and having it painted to match the rest of the windows looks so much nicer than bare bricks!

  3. Last one is incredible - I suppose you would call it trompe l'oiel?

  4. I love the one hidden away behind a wisteria curtain.

  5. Windows make interesting photo subjects-the last one is so neat!

  6. I love photos of windows and doors - my favourites are the cottage window and that little treasure hidden amongst the trailing wisteria.

  7. These are really intriguing--I'm guessing that the visiting uncle was my Dad? He would have liked that woodwork.


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