Saturday, 2 July 2011

A Story From Mum

My Mother was born in London, but at the age of 9 was evacuated to the countryside to escape the bombing in the capital. When the war ended her father thought that mum deserved a holiday and arranged for her to go and stay with her Aunt Bess and Uncle Bill in London and become re-acquainted with the city of her birth.

Very excited, she arrived at her aunt's house and was shown her room. It was a plain room and in the corner was a large white statue of The Virgin Mary. During the first night there my mother was awakened from her dreams by a deep rumbling which seemed to shake the whole house. She opened her eyes and saw a trembling ghostly figure moving slowly towards her. She screamed and Bill and Bess came running in dressed in their nightclothes. My mother told them what had happened.

They laughed and explained that the statue had moved because of the vibrations from the railway which ran right under the house.


  1. A fuuny story, but I can imagine it would have be very frightening for your mum as it happened!

    Thanks for your recent comments, I have kept all the animal photos as there are some good ones!

    There is public access to Ramsgaw Rocks, I've never known there not to be and they're almost as popular with climbers as the Roaches! I had a friend when I was very young who lived in one of the houses just below the Ramshaw and from her house, it was just a case of climbing over a fence at the back and up on to the rocks. There are access paths and a little bit of parking from the road that runs between the Ramshaws abd behind/above Heb Cloud (if that makes sense to you!).

  2. I didn't know you mother was born in London. So how did she meet your dad? I don't think I ever heard their stories.

    I can just imagine her fright! Bombs would be enough--but a ghost too?

  3. What a funny story!!! I laughed so hard, my daughters wanted me to read it out loud to them. I love the picture you put with the story. Very funny!!!

  4. I'm not surprised that your mum screamed - that must have been a pretty unnerving experience!

  5. Love the story and the illustration - things that go bump in the night eek!!

  6. Thank you for all the comments. Mum is pleased her tale went down so well.


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